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2024 Eyewear Trend Predictions From A Singapore Optometrist

2024 Eyewear Trend Predictions From A Singapore Optometrist

Here are our predictions of the eyewear trends that are set to dominate 2024.

5 christmas gift ideas for spectacles wearers

5 Christmas gift ideas for spectacle wearers

If you’re struggling to think of a good Christmas present for your bespectacled friends, here are a few spectacle gifts that are both practical and unique.

The different ways you could lose your sight

The Different Ways You Could Lose Your Sight

Today, Singapore is known as the myopia capital of the world. Here are the possible causes of permanent blindness, according to a Singapore optometrist.


5 things every optometrist in Singapore wants you to know

Good vision is crucial for maintaining a high quality of life. This is why taking care of our eyes at every stage of our life, regardless of age is important.


For spectacle wearers: Halloween outfits you’d actually wear

Halloween could be a challenge if you’re a regular spectacle wearer. Here are a few iconically bespectacled character costumes you can cosplay this Halloween.

Declutter and Do Good: Where to Donate Different Items in Singapore

Declutter and Do Good: Where to Donate Different Items in Singapore

With the income of underprivileged families in Singapore falling by 69% in the pandemic, here’s 5 Places in Singapore to help and donate pre-loved items


A day in the life of a Singapore optometrist

When we think about jobs in healthcare, we probably have a good idea of what doctors and dentists do. But what about eye doctors – or more specifically, optometrists?

Declutter and Do Good: Where to Donate Different Items in Singapore

Declutter and Do Good: Where to Donate Different Items in Singapore

With the income of underprivileged families in Singapore falling by 69% in the pandemic, here’s 5 Places in Singapore to help and donate pre-loved items

Why daily disposables might be better for you

Why daily disposables might be better for you

There are many contact lenses to choose from – Toric lenses, water gradient lenses, etc. Here are four reasons to consider daily disposable contact lenses.


Sports Sunglasses: Why and when do you need them?

Here are three major reasons why it’s important for you to don the proper sunglasses during sports activities, even if you’re not a professional athlete.


Your essential A to Z guide to Eye Health

Here’s introducing a beginner’s glossary of all the eye care and vision-related terms you need to know.


Do you know you have a Dominant Eye? Here's how to find out

Many have a dominant eye but most don’t know which one it is. Read on the Singapore optometrist-approved guide to discovering which it might be.


5 questions to ask your optometrist at your next eye exam

It’s that time of the year again. You’ve got an eye exam scheduled in the next few weeks. Although this isn’t your first time going for an eye exam, you wonder if you should be playing a more active role at your upcoming appointment. The answer is yes.


5 expert tips for switching from glasses to contacts

Afraid that wearing contacts will be a daunting transition? Here are five tips from a certified optometrist in Singapore to help you make the switch.


Optometrist Explains: Are you farsighted, nearsighted or both?

Here’s a primer to learning whether you’re nearsighted, farsighted, or even possibly both, and how seeking an optometrist in Singapore can help you.


Don't know what to do with your old spectacles? Here are some ideas.

In 2021, Singapore generated a total of 6.94 million tonnes of solid waste, according to the Singapore Environment Council. Whether you’re hoping to live a greener, more sustainable life (by working against adding to our country’s waste levels), or simply want to prolong the life of your spectacles, here are four ideas of what you can do with your old spectacles.

Why some people can’t wear contact lenses

Why some people can’t wear contact lenses

Spectacles can feel bulky and inconvenient to wear all day, every day. For these reasons, many spectacle-wearers flocks towards contact lenses as an alternative solution for their vision correction needs. Here’s the unfortunate reality: Not everyone can wear contact lenses.

Optometrist Explains: Are you farsighted, nearsighted or both?

How to find cheap but good-quality spectacles in Singapore

The purpose of buying spectacles is a largely practical one – to help us see clearer.

But that doesn’t mean you should underinvest in them, settling for the cheapest frames and lenses you can find in Singapore. Neither should you overinvest and spend hundreds on a pair of glasses that may appear fancier, but doesn’t come with additional health benefits.


8 Eye Health Essentials for Travellers

There are a few things you might have missed while packing – your eye care products! Here’s a list of items you should bring with you to keep your eyes healthy.

5 tips for protecting your child’s eyes, from an optometrist in Singapore

5 tips for protecting your child’s eyes, from an optometrist

Eye health issues that kids develop in their formative years can become permanent, if not properly treated. In such situations, early intervention and prevention are crucial. Here are five tips to protect the eye health of your little ones, before it’s too late.

optometrist-guide-to-picking-the right-frames

An optometrist’s guide to picking the right frames for your face

What exactly is your face shape, and what colours work best for you? Let’s end the debate right now. Here is a guide from an optometrist in Singapore, with everything you need to know to select the right frames for your face.

optometrist singapore

Should you see an optician, optometrist or ophthalmologist in Singapore?

There are three different types of eye care specialists in Singapore: Opticians, optometrists and ophthalmologists. Here’s a guide on how they differ.


How to find a good optometrist in Singapore

Finding a good optometrist in Singapore to rely on is important. Not sure where to start in your search for an optometrist? Here’s a brief guide.


Why you should try a digital detox for the sake of your eye health

Although it seems hard to part with your digital devices and go through a digital detox, it’s a challenge worth trying. Here’s why — it’s for your eye health.


Why 20 is the magic number for eye health

Learning about all things eye health-related may feel a little daunting. A good way to start is to take small steps — all you need to remember is the number 20.


Your must-have accessory in 2022: UV-protected sunglasses

If one of your goals this year is to take better care of your health, you should pay attention to this article. We’re talking about sunnies that actually keep your eyes in tip-top shape by protecting them from harmful UV rays.


12 Eye Health Care Challenges to Try Every Month in 2022

Making New Year’s resolutions? Here’s one more to add to your list: Prioritise taking care of your eye health. Here’s your guide to living a better life with healthier eyes.

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Why WFH might be bad for your eyes, according to a Singapore optometrist

Employees are spending more time in front of the computer, and less time taking breaks and getting out of the house. It’s no surprise our eyes are suffering. The increased screen time is forcing our eyes to work overtime.


5 myths about cataracts to clear up from an optometrist's perspective

Cataracts occur when the lens of your eye becomes cloudy. Now here are the things you probably got wrong about the condition.

optometrist eye test singapore

4 Reasons You Should Visit An Optometrist

Get ready for some eye-opening facts about optometrists – and why you should visit one in Singapore.

how to choose the right contact lens for you in Singapore

How to choose the right contact lens for you

As a seasoned optometrist in Singapore, we’ve come up with a guide to choosing the right contact lens – as well as a cheat sheet for different needs.

eye examination teck whye

A Guide to Comprehensive Eye Examinations in Singapore (2021)

These extensive examinations are what makes a real difference to your eye health. It’s time to pay attention to them and understand why we need them. Here’s your guide to comprehensive eye examinations in Singapore.

minimalist metal frames

What your trendy glasses say about you

From minimalist frames to translucent designs, here are some of the trendiest styles of eyeglasses that you could be sporting. Find out what your preferred pair reveals about you.

your first contact lens exam in singapore - what to expect

Your first contact lens exam in Singapore: What to expect

Don’t skip straight to ordering your first batch online before consulting an optometrist though. Unlike spectacles, contact lenses rest directly on the eye, and therefore call for a thorough examination. Wearing ill-fitting contact lenses may also lead to severe eye damage.


5 Most Trendy Spectacles in Singapore and how to pull them off

Trendy spectacles have now become an essential piece of accessory when it comes to fashion. In these current times, people don’t just wear spectacles on prescriptions but do it as a fashion statement.

Chews Optics Blog Top 3 Secrets of Acuvue Define Stylish and Comfortable

Top 3 Secrets of Acuvue Define’s Stylish And Comfortable Contact Lens in Singapore

The Acuvue Define series is one of Acuvue’s most widely known contact lenses in Singapore. Loved by many, these daily soft lenses were created to accentuate, not hide the natural eye beauty.

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