How can we help you? As a small spectacle shop in Singapore operating for over thirty years, customers have come to us with several questions that they have about optometry and eyewear. Here is a list of our most frequently asked questions which might just help you answer yours.


How do I order prescription glasses?

You will need to drop by our spectacle shop in Singapore to get your eyes tested and frame professionally fitted before getting prescribed.

Do I need a prescription to buy glasses?

No, you can get your eyes professionally tested by us at our spectacle shop in Singapore.

How do I obtain a prescription?

You can obtain it either from an optometrist or optician. All prescription needs to be dated and validated.

Can I purchase spectacle frames without lenses?

Yes, we sell frames as a standalone in our spectacle shop in Singapore. This is really useful for people who broke their frames and would like to retain their lenses.

Can I make new prescription lenses at your store but retain my existing frame?

 Yes, we are able to change new lenses using existing frames at our spectacle shop in Singapore.

What do I need in order to place an order for contact lenses?

You will need a valid prescription from an optometrist. If not, you can drop by our spectacle shop in Singapore to get a free contact lens exam.

Can I use my glasses prescription when ordering contact lenses?

As much as possible, we can try to follow the power that you have requested. However, a valid contact lens exam or prescription will be required before your purchase.

Do you provide trial lenses for first-time contact lens wearers?

Yes, we provide contact lenses teach and fit. This means we will teach you how to wear and remove your contact lenses as well as how to care for them at our spectacle shop in Singapore.

A contact lens check or examination is also required to know if you are suitable for the current pair of contact lenses.

How long do I have to wait before I can collect my spectacles or contact lenses?

Same day collection is possible at our spectacle shop in Singapore, depending on stock availability.

How can I collect my order of spectacles or contact lenses?

Self-collection from our spectacle shop in Singapore is preferred so that the frame can be adjusted to fit you. However, delivery option is also available.

What kind of payment methods do you accept at your spectacle shop?

 We accept cash, Nets or Paynow at our spectacle shop in Singapore.


What services do you offer in your spectacle shop?

– Vision checks: include visual acuity, binocular vision test.

– Eye health checks: include screening for cataract, glaucoma, hypertensive and diabetic retinopathy.

Contact lenses examination: include fitting of contact lenses and complications of contact lens wear.

Why is binocular vision test important?

– Headaches, teary eyes and fatigue are common complains of digital eye strain.

– Digital eye strain can be caused by binocular vision issues such as accommodation and/or convergence insufficiency.

– Such issues can be easily treated and symptoms can be relieved quickly.

Why are eye health checks necessary?

– Glaucoma is one of the leading causes of blindness and early referral for treatment is key.

– Uncontrolled diabetes can lead to retinopathy, where the blood vessels in the eyes may bleed. Eye screening enables us to work with GPs for better glucose control.

– UV rays can cause damage to the eyes, such as cataract. Early detection helps with vision related issues, such as myopia and astigmatism.

Do I need to make an appointment for optometric services?

Yes, it is strongly recommended to make an appointment for optometric services at our spectacle shop in SingaporeThis is to provide you with our upmost care for your eye health.

Can I bring my spectacles down for maintenance?

We usually do some basic maintenance for free at our spectacle shop in Singapore. We understand that sometimes due to sweat and dirt, our spectacle hinges might get stiff and rusty.

Do you charge for nose pad replacements?

Nose pad replacements are usually free for frames bought from us, a small fee maybe charged for better quality nose pads, special parts or frames purchased elsewhere.


 We recommend every 2 – 3 months maintenance check to keep the frame in tip-top condition.

How long is an eye check-up?

An eye check-up can last from 10 – 30 minutes based on the complexity of prescription and eye health.

What does a full eye check-up entail?

– History and symptom check

– Prescription check

– Anterior eye check (eyelids, cataract)

– Eye muscles check (ability to focus at near, eye turns etc)

– Posterior eye check (screen for glaucoma, hypertension/diabetes related eye condition)

– Recommendation on the type of frame/lenses for eye condition

– Non extensive list, subjected to changes

Do you provide eye check-ups for children?

Yes, we do free eye screening for children at our spectacle shop in Singapore.

What does a full eye check-up for children entail?

– History and symptom check

– Prescription check

– Eye muscle check (eye turn, ability to focus, eye movements)

– Stereo check (lazy eye)

– Colour vision check

– Advice on myopia control

Other frequently asked questions about our spectacle shop

Why is Chew's Optics different as an optometrist?

– We are trained to differentiate different eye conditions and not just prescribe eyeglasses accordingly.

– We are able to screen for disorders in eye muscles and pathologies and advice / refer accordingly at our spectacle shop in Singapore.

Why are contact lens checks and examinations important?

– Contact lenses are medical devices and we would like to provide you with the lenses that are suitable for your eyes.

– What do we check for?

  • Oxygen deficiency (may lead to blindness)
  • Contact lens complications (dry eye, solution reaction, fitting of lenses)
  • Vision (clarity of lenses and prescription)
All contact lenses have to be fitted and prescribed by a qualified optometrist or eye doctor.

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