Our spectacle shop in Singapore boasts an array of trendy spectacles and contact lenses. Cheap spectacle frames, luxurious sunglasses and enhancing contact lenses are just a few of the eyewear we carry to suit every individual’s needs. Here at Chew’s, we understand that different needs, lifestyles and preferences call for different kinds of spectacles and eyewear.

For example, there are already many things to consider when picking the right type of contact lenses. Such factors include length of wear, lifestyle preferences, existing eye conditions and style preferences. There are also different types of products suited for varying demographics, like those who are over the age of 40, those with a hectic schedule, those with drier eyes or with astigmatism.

As a result, our shop is filled with all sorts of products, brands and collections. Test our claims by heading down to our spectacle shop in Teck Whye, Singapore, to browse through our products and collections. We’re sure you’ll be satisfied with our offerings! In addition, if you are unsure which type of eyewear is most suitable for you, our optometrists will be sure to answer your queries and help you pick out the right one.

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