5 Christmas gift ideas for spectacle wearers

Article by Chew’s Optics Specialist. 19 December 2023

5 christmas gift ideas for spectacles wearers

It’s the time of year again to go shopping for Christmas presents. While many opt for safe, generic choices such as mugs and bath products, more thoughtful gifts are likelier to be remembered and appreciated. Of course, it’s not as easy or straightforward. Selecting the perfect gift – an item that the recipient doesn’t already own – is an art.


If you’re struggling to think of a good present for your bespectacled friends, we’re here to make things a little easier for you. Here is a round-up of a few gift suggestions that are both practical and unique.

Unique Christmas gift ideas for people who wear glasses


1. Spectacle chain


Spectacle chains – once associated with grannies and nerdy librarians – are now experiencing a resurgence, thanks to Gen Z shoppers and trendsetters. Not only a practical accessory that prevents you from losing or damaging your spectacles, these chains can also be worn as a fashion statement. They range from the chunky and child-like (with pastel hues and designs reminiscent of the noughties), to the sleek and elegant (typically sporting more minimalist beads and silver and gold chains).


DIY glasses chains would make for a meaningful Christmas gift, and TikTok is chock full of tutorials on how to craft your own chains with colourful and quirky beads. However, for those who aren’t as confident in their crafting skills, brands like Ruby Olive and H&M offer a variety of trendy chains to choose from. And you don’t have to restrict them to spectacles – the same chains can be paired with sunglasses too.


2. Glasses wax


This is the kind of Christmas gift that every spectacle wearer would thank you for – it’s a gift no one knew they needed in their lives. Unfortunately for people who wear glasses, it’s quite common for spectacles to slide off or slip down the nose. The solution? Wax.


One of the best tried-and-true products in this area is Nerdwax’s Anti-Slip Stick, which uses a blend of natural ingredients such as beeswax, coconut oil and gum rosin. Simply apply the wax directly onto the nose pad of your glasses. This will create a layer of friction between the glasses and your skin, making sure they never slip off again.


3. Personalised spectacle case


Most people would invest in a good, stylish pair of spectacles. But they would be less likely to splurge on a spectacle case. Some use the generic cases that come with the purchase of a pair of glasses; others simply leave their spectacles lying on their desk or in their bag (which isn’t a good habit considering the amount of damage the spectacles would sustain in the long run).


That’s why it’s always a good idea to gift a spectacle case for Christmas. Go for one that’s slightly more special, maybe a little luxurious, and captures the personality of the recipient. A great one that would last a lifetime is a leather spectacle case, such as this one from LUCRIN Geneva, which you can personalise by adding a monogram of the recipient’s initials or name. Engravable wooden cases are another unique option.


4. Spectacle stand


Where do spectacles go at the end of each day? Ask any spectacle wearer, and they will likely say that they place them right next to the bed, on their night stand. And chances are, no one’s using a dedicated holder or a stand.


This Christmas, use this gifting opportunity to get your bespectacled friend a stand, made specially to hold their eyeglasses. Whether or not these stands are commonly used, one thing remains true: It’s a functional product.


Etsy is home to a plethora of merchants selling high-quality, one-of-a-kind spectacle stands. Check out this handmade, animal-themed spectacle stand, or this customisable oak alternative on which you can engrave a short message.

Zeiss Christmas Gift Set

5. ZEISS Christmas gift set


For more practical gift givers, ZEISS has a Christmas bundle gift set that includes two boxes of lens wipes (30 pieces per box) and an anti-fog kit. Available in three colours, this gift box is an essential for eyewear care.


The anti-fog kit, in particular, is a godsend. It includes a cloth and a 15ml anti-fog spray – perfect for all spectacle wearers who find themselves temporarily blinded by the fog on their glasses whenever they leave a cooler environment such as a bus.


This gift set is available at Chew’s Optics.

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