Coloured contact lenses: Which ones suit you best?

Article by Chew’s Optics Specialist. 29 April 2024

Coloured contact lenses: Which ones suit you best? | Chew Optics

For the 70% of the world population born with dark eyes, the majority has probably entertained the idea of changing their eye colour temporarily. One might wish for lighter brown eyes, or have some fun with pink eyes. Coloured contact lenses make this fantasy a short-term reality. But with so many options, brands and colours available, how do you know which ones suit you the most?  

Start by considering your skin tone

Just like how some hair colours flatter certain skin tones more than others, the same principle applies to coloured contacts. What complements you depends on your skin’s undertones – that is, whether they are warm, neutral or cool.  


For people with a warm skin tone: An easy way to find out if you have warm or cool undertones is by looking at the veins on your wrist. If your veins appear more green than blue, you probably have a warm skin tone. Likewise with jewellery, if you look better with gold accessories (rather than silver), you’re warm-toned. For you, the most flattering coloured contacts come in the shades of hazel, brown and auburn.  


For people with a neutral skin tone: Being neutral-toned means that you see a mix of blue, purple and green veins, and that both silver and gold jewellery look great on you. If this is you, you’ll be happy to know that practically every colour works for you.  


For people with a cool skin tone: Is your complexion on the fair side? For those with bluer-looking veins who gravitate more towards silver accessories, we recommend blue or grey contact lenses. You will probably be able to pull off brighter, bolder colours as well.  

Should you get daily or monthly disposable coloured contacts?

At Chew’s Optics, one of the first questions our optometrist will ask is if you prefer daily or monthly disposable coloured contact lenses. Here’s a quick rundown of the pros and cons: 


Daily disposable coloured contacts 

  • Pros: They are a convenient option since you won’t need to clean your contact lenses after each wear. If you enjoy changing your eye colour multiple times a week and don’t like the upkeep of monthly coloured contacts, daily disposables will be a good option for you. 
  • Cons: Daily disposable contact lenses may be a little less cost-effective than monthlies. And while manufacturers are trying to make them more eco-friendly, single-use products like daily disposables can still come across as wasteful.  

Monthly disposable coloured contacts 

  • Pros: If you’ve settled on a specific look that you’d like to recreate every day, it would be better to go for monthly disposable coloured contact lenses. For instance, you dream of permanently changing your eye colour to a lighter shade of brown. The easiest way to achieve this is by getting monthly contacts in the exact colour you want.  
  • Cons: It’s possible that monthlies feel less comfortable than dailies, since they are manufactured to be thicker and more durable. With extended contact lens wear, dirt may build up over time on the lens, which may cause an eye infection. This can be exacerbated if you struggle to follow proper cleaning and maintenance instructions.   

Other considerations for buying coloured contact lenses

Besides the colour and frequency of wear, other features to consider for your coloured contact lenses include: 


  • Iris enhancement: Certain coloured contacts are designed to enlarge your eyes too. These products mimic the “doll eye” effect, which could be fun to try! For anime cosplayers, it’s a popular tool for helping to achieve the trademark look of innocence. 
  • UV protection: Not all brands offer this feature, but as an optometrist, we would always recommend using coloured contacts with built-in UV protection to protect the health of your eyes.  
  • Oxygenated material: Coloured contact lenses that are more oxygenated allow more oxygen to reach your eyes. Not only is this better for your eye health, it also makes it more comfortable to endure longer hours of wear. 

How to buy coloured contact lenses safely

The thrill of transforming your look comes with a crucial caveat: the importance of buying your contacts safely. Unlike your favourite fashion accessory, coloured contact lenses are medical devices. They come into direct contact with your eyes, which are incredibly delicate organs. Buying coloured contacts through unsafe sources can lead to serious eye problems, from uncomfortable irritation to sight-threatening infections. 


The first rule of thumb is to never buy coloured contacts online or over the counter. Instead, head to an optometrist to get properly fitted. This is even more crucial if you suffer from eye conditions like dry eyes or astigmatism. A certified, seasoned optometrist like Chew’s Optics will also be able to check if you need a prescription – while looking out for other signs of eye and systemic health conditions – with a comprehensive contact lens examination 


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